Government Affairs Services

Legislative Monitoring

Trust the team at Bennett Waggoner to monitor legislation that may impact your organization. If legislation is introduced that you need to be aware of, we will reach out and help you respond effectively.

Single Issue Advocacy

Work with us on specific legislation to develop a plan, identify sponsors, and navigate through the legislative process. We oversee stand alone legislation and line item funding for our clients.

Ongoing Representation

If you need a full time advocate for your organization, choose Bennett Waggoner to reperesent you. We leverage our relationships to give your team an ongoing voice in the Statehouse.

Our Specialties

Our government affairs team has been working in the political arena for nearly a decade, advocating for health care improvement, industrial safety, organized labor, and the non-profit sector. We are well versed in the legislative process and work with your team to plan and achieve your goals.

Proper planning and preparedness is critical. Our team specializes in two-year budget planning, identifying appropriate legislators for stand alone bills, and managing your presence at the Statehouse when the time comes. Additionally, we offer a full suite of media and public relations services to augment your legislative goals.


Our professionals have experience at all levels of the non-profit world including launching a new charity and serving on the board of an established entity. We can help identify funding opportunities and work with your team to secure them.

Labor Organizations

With experience with both regulatory and collective bargaining concerns for organized labor, we are adept at identifying unintended consequences in legislative language. Our labor professional is a proud union member and elected officer.

Transportation and Logistics

Our transportation professional has over a decade of experience in rail and intermodal transportation and is a proven advocate for safety in the industry and growing Ohio’s robust rail and maritime commodity network.


With an advanced degree in computer science and a background in electronic design and embedded computing, our technology professional can help you tailor your message to be effective regardless of the audience.

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